Buchanan Memorial Hall Committee
Minutes: 16 November 2016

  1. Members presentJohn Proctor (Chair) – M Milner, S McAllister, Barbara Crooks, Arthur Bayfield, John McKenzie, Gilbert Bannerman, Martyn Robertson
  2. Apologies – Fiona Crooks
  3. The main item of discussion was the Hall’s application to become a charity.  While the application has been discussed at previous meetings, the committee confirmed after a lengthy discussion that a single tiered SCIO would be appropriate.  The need for the Hall’s constitution as reviewed at the AGM in October to be in alignment with SCIO regulations was also discussed.  The committee confirmed that information on the Hall’s application should now be sent to user groups.
  4. The need for a communication strategy was also discussed.  The Hall currently does not have a web page and does not engage with social media.  It was the intention of the committee that this would change and options should be investigated.
  5. It was noted that the November community lunch was a great success, and that a similar event in December was planned.  Thanks to all who attended the November lunch and helped with donations.  Further thanks to all who organized the lunch.
  6. There was no other business.