Terms & conditions of hire

  1. There is a No Smoking Policy in all parts of the Hall. 
  2. The Hall Committee have the right to refuse any rental request. 
  3. Hirers are asked to respect the facilities provided by the Hall which is a valuable resource in our community. It is run by the Committee on your behalf and is a registered SCIO, SCO47548.
  4. To book the Hall for an event, please contact Sheena McAllister ( sheenacreityhall@gmail.com). Alternatively, you can contact the committee at buchananmemorialhall@gmail.com.
  5. The maximum number of people allowed in the Hall is 120. 
  6. Payment for hire of the Hall or parts thereof in accordance with the current published Scale of Charges shall be made as follows:
    • Whole Hall – £15 per hour
    • Small Hall – £7.50 per hour
    • Function Hire – £100
  7. Other one-off rates to be determined – please contact the Hall
  8. Hirers will be responsible for laying out tables and chairs immediately prior to the function and clearing away immediately after.
  9. Hirers are responsible for security. They will ensure that all parts of the Hall they have used are left in a clean and tidy condition immediately after the event. 
  10. All parties using the Hall do so at their own risk. The Hall Committee will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained by hirers. 
  11. Hirers must familiarize themselves with the attached fire procedures and are responsible for ensuring all occupants are briefed on the same. 
  12. Any Hirers responsible for children other than their own within the hall must meet the statutory obligations re Child Protection – Disclosure Scotland.
  13. The HIRER shall ensure that all children on the premises are under adult supervision always.
  14. Hirers are responsible for any losses or damage caused to the Hall during the period of hire. Hirers are also responsible for cleaning the hall after use. 
  15. The HIRER will, during the period of hiring, be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage and the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatever their capacity. Children are not permitted in the kitchen.
  16. The HIRER shall ensure that no animals, except guide dogs, are brought into the Hall, without prior agreement.
  17. The hall will be provided to the HIRER in a clean and functional condition. It is the responsibility of the HIRER to return the premises to an equivalent condition at the end of the hire, including  sweeping/mopping the floors and cleaning the kitchen. It is the responsibility of the HIRER to ensure that any rubbish accumulated during the hire is removed from the Hall and placed in the receptacles provided or taken away after the event. The hall does not have the capacity to collect and remove rubbish. 
  18. The Hirer must return after the event any keys provided for access to the hall promptly.
  19. In the event of an emergency please telephone the relevant emergency services. The Hall does not have a phone.
  20. Hirers must familiarize themselves with the attached fire procedures and are responsible for ensuring all occupants are briefed on the same.
  21. The HIRER shall note the location of firefighting equipment and comply with all fire precautions and evacuation procedures as per notice (rules for users) in (to be advised once Hall is open).
  22. Except when in use (especially when the building us empty), all fire doors (all clearly marked KEEP SHUT, must be kept closed.
  23. All exit routes (mostly the corridors) must always be kept clear of obstructions, trip hazards and slip hazards. Remember all escape routes must also be accessible to wheelchairs. Cables should normally not be laid on floor but if there is no alternative, they must be properly covered with cable covers and must never cross escape routes (particularly they must not be laid across fire escape doorways).
  24. When applicable and to comply with the Public Entertainments Licence, the HIRER should have sufficient competent attendants on duty on the premises to assist people entering and leaving and generally supervising the event. The HIRER should acquaint themselves with:
    • the location and use of fire equipment
    • escape routes and the need to keep them clear.
    • the necessity to close all fire doors.
    • operation of escape door fastenings. 
  25. The HIRER shall ensure that sub-contracted activities such as mobile discotheques, catering etc are fully insured against public liability for their operation. The HMG has insured the Hall for Public Liability risks falling within their responsibility.
  26. The HIRER shall ensure that nothing is done on, or in relation to, the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries. 
  27. When a function takes place in the main hall, the arrangement of chairs tables etc. must always provide clear escape routes. 
  28. In the event of an emergency contacts the relevant emergency services immediately. For non-emergency situations, contact the committee at buchananmemorialhall@gmail.com. Relevant phone numbers are on the notice board in the Hall.