SCIO 47548

26 October 2021

DRAFT minutes

Attending:  John Proctor, Sheena McAllister, Fiona Flanagan, Barbara Crooks, Rosie Allan, Gilbert Bannerman, Arthur Bayfield, Jeanetta Docherty, Margaret Milner.  Apologies were received from John McKenzie and David Fraser. 

The Minutes of the previous AGM meeting –5 November 2019 were approved, and the minutes of the virtual AGM held on November 2020 were also approved.   

There were two matters arising from the virtual AGM:  Covid risk assessment and risk management and the Buchanan Primary School (BPS) closure.   The Hall Committee agreed that following Scottish Government guidelines was paramount in the fight against Covid and that all organizations using the Hall would need to undertake a risk assessment for their use of the Hall.

The Trustees agreed to continue and agreed that following Scottish Government guidelines in the fight against Covid was crucial. In their report, they asked the Hall Committee to report on their discussions of the impact of the BPS closure.  The Trustees agreed that building a strategy to work with Stirling Council and other organizations would be necessary for the Hall’s decision making on the BPS closure and the Hall’s future.

John Proctor and Arthur Bayfield informed the Hall Management Committee that they intended to stand down.  The Committee sends them their kindest regards and thanks them for their service to the Hall.  Sheena McAllister agreed to become the Committee’s Chair and other officer holders were agreed to continue.    The Committee agreed that new members were welcomed.

The main item of business for the Hall Committee was the ongoing covid risk management. 

The Treasurer reported on the Hall’s financial position, which has improved slightly thanks to recent generous donations.  The Stirling Council grant was £750.  The Treasurer also reported an on-going accounting issue with the presentation of the Hall’s financial information to OSCR.  This situation will hopefully be corrected soon with the help of Baxter Accounting Services.  It was agreed to keep the rental charges as per last year.

In addition to ongoing Covid risk management, the committee agreed that the Hall’s use of social media needed to be stronger.