Draft Minutes – Buchanan Memorial Hall – SCIO 47548

14 November 2017

 Members present – John Proctor, Sheena McAllister, Margaret Milner, Barbara Crooks, Arthur Bayfield, Martyn Robertson

  1. Apologies were noted from John McKenzie
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting – 17 October 2017 – approved
  3. Visit by Anne Sobey, LLTNP

Anne Sobey visited the Hall to lead a discussion on the Charity, Buchanan Memorial Hall, SCIO 47548.  The discussion focussed on the differences between one-tier and two-tier structures, and it was agreed by the committee that currently a one tier structure for SCIO 47548 was appropriate.   Anne also reminded the committee of the role trustees have in the governance of SCIO 47548.  The committee thanked Anne for her advice and guidance and noted that she agreed to return to discuss further issues should the committee contact her.

  1. Matters arising
    1. Community Award £800 – monies must be spent by March 2018 and it was agreed to meet with Sandy Fraser to discuss the details of the estimate put forward.
    2. PRS licence(s)
    3. Letters to members
  2. The committee
  3. Miscellaneous items: It was agreed by the committee that Christmas lights would be placed outside the Hall for the festive season.  It was agreed that the key safe would be restored or replaced soon.  It was agreed that the School should be contacted to thanks them for their support and to enquire about using the inter(tra)net or phone line available.
  4. There was no other AOCB.