8 March 2022

Committee Meeting Minutes

  1. Members present:  Sheena McAlister, Jeanetta Docherty, Gilbert Bannerman, Fiona Flanagan, Margaret Milner
  2. Apologies – Jock McKenzie, Barbara Crooks, David Fraser
  3. Minutes of the previous committee meeting approved by G Bannerman, J Docherty
  4. Matters arising
    1. Repairs – work to the outside of the Hall – Sheldon Babcock volunteered
    1. Stirling Council emails re:  water supply and consultation process
    1. BPS consultation – final decision – School is now closed
  5. Treasurer’s update – funds reported
  6. The Committee discussed how to raise funds for the Hall.  It was agreed that a race night, a quiz night should be investigated, with dates to be confirmed soon.  In addition to fundraising, the Secretary suggested applying for a Community Pride Fund grant as well as a well as long term project funding.  An application to the National Lottery Awards for All Scotland was suggested.  The Secretary agreed to report on the hall rental charges for other village halls.
  7. The Committee discussed needed changes and improvements to the website.  Including a list of organizations and clubs that use the hall was suggested, with contact numbers, and by including more pictures of events in the Hall.
  8. The Secretary encouraged the Committee to consider the Hall’s role in local emergencies.  For example, when recent storms brought a loss of power to many in the local community it was suggested that the Hall could play a role in providing support to those in need.  The Secretary agree to investigate this.

The Committee reviews the list of works needed to maintain the Hall and agreed that some of the items should be supported by grant funding